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I Fight,

You Fight


Life isn’t about the hand you’re dealt… but how you choose to play it.
Alex Noble on the beach smiling to camera
I Fight, You Fight is so much more than an inspiring memoir – it’s a philosophy for finding happiness and reaching your true potential.

“I didn’t write I Fight You Fight just to share my story, and I definitely didn’t write it to make people feel sorry for me, or for people to give me a pat on the back. I wrote I Fight You Fight because I wanted to encapsulate and share the perspective and philosophies which have helped me not only to get through the darkest days of my life, but to grow and achieve more than I ever thought possible.

I Fight You Fight is the story of my life, but more importantly, a toolkit that I hope can help kids, parents, grandparents, athletes, business people and other people in a similar situation to not give up, to overcome challenges, to find happiness, to be resilient, to achieve the goals they’re pursuing and to be the very best they can be.”